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Lời khuyên về ngữ điệu và tốc độ khi nói tiếng Anh – Intonation and Speed of speaking English

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Clip by Rachel’s English on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Speed of speaking

A common mistake of people who obtain English fluency with improper pronunciation and intonation is the speed in which they speak. Because they do not have perfect pronunciation and intonation, it is difficult to understand people who speak too fast. This is the biggest problem I have seen from people who gain confidence in speaking.

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Hãy nói tiếng Anh một cách “tự nhiên” nhất – Speak natural English

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Clip by Benjamin’s English Classes (engVid) on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.


Most students and teachers spend a lot of time and effort correcting mistakes.  I’m sure you agree that this is an important part of the language-learning process.  However, it’s also important to improve your English by using the words and phrases which native speakers actually use.  So, in this language tip I’m going to show you how to make your English more ‘English’!

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