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Các dạng thức rút gọn trong tiếng Anh – Common Contractions in the English Language

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A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters (actually, sounds).

In linguistic analysis, contractions should not be confused with abbreviations nor acronyms (including initialisms), with which they share some semantic andphonetic functions, though all three are connoted by the term “abbreviation” in loose parlance. Contraction is also distinguished from clipping, where beginnings and endings are omitted.

The definition overlaps with the grammatical term portmanteau (a linguistic blend), but a distinction can be made between a portmanteau and a contraction by noting that contractions are formed from words that would otherwise appear together in sequence, such as do and not, whereas a portmanteau word is formed by combining two or more existing words that all relate to a singular concept which the portmanteau describes.

Common contractions in the English language

Clip on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Following is a list of commonly used contractions, their full form:

aren’t – are not
can’t – cannot
couldn’t – could not
didn’t – did not
doesn’t – does not
don’t – do not
hadn’t – had not
hasn’t – has not
haven’t – have not
he’d – he had; he would
he’ll – he will; he shall
he’s – he is; he has
I’d – I had; I would
I’ll – I will
I’m – I am
I’ve – I have
isn’t – is not
let’s – let us
mightn’t might not
mustn’t – must not
shan’t – shall not
she’d – she had; she would
she’ll – she will; she shall
she’s – she is; she has
shouldn’t – should not
that’s – that is; that has
there’s – there is; there has
they’d – they had; they would
they’ll – they will; they shall
they’re – they are
they’ve – they have
we’d – we had; we would
we’re – we are
we’ve – we have
weren’t – were not
what’ll – what will; what shall
what’re – what are
what’s – what is; what has
where’s – where is; where has
who’d – who had; who would
who’ll – who will; who shall
who’re – who are
who’s – who is; who has
who’ve – who have
won’t – will not
wouldn’t – would not
you’d – you had; you would
you’ll – you will; you shall
you’re – you are
you’ve – you have

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