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Một số “cấu kiện” hay dùng về ăn uống – Eating and drinking phases

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Clip on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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Going out for a drink

  • Let’s go for a drink! / Let’s go down the pub! / Let’s go out for a few bevvies. / a few jars. -Let’s go to my local public house – the pub – for some drinks.
  • We’re going to paint the town red. / We’re going to go on a bar crawl. – We’re going to several pubs or bars.
  • I’ll get the booze!- I’ll buy the beer!
  • A glass of bubbly – A glass of champagne or sparkling wine.
  • That wine is corked! It tastes like vinegar. -the wine is bad.
  • chaser – A measure of a spirit such as whisky or rum which you drink with beer.
  • double – 2 measures of spirits. A single measure is usually 1/5 of a gill – 25 ml.
  • drop of the hard stuff – Some spirits rather than beer or wine.
  • soft drink – A non-alcoholic drink.

See more below:

At the bar

  • It’s my round. What will it be? – I’m buying the drinks – what would you like?
  • Mine’s a pint! – A traditional measure of beer, equal to 0.57 litre.
  • A spritzer – wine mixed with soda water.
  • A Red Bull and vodka / A gin and tonic / Rum and cola – Some spirits and their mixers.
  • Happy hour – A time at the beginning of the evening when some bars sell drinks for half price.

Too much!

  • I’m over the limit, so let’s get a cab. – I’m over the legal limit for being allowed to drive so we should get a taxi.
  • I’ve been partying all weekend! – I’ve been out socialising the whole weekend!
  • I’ve got a really bad hangover – I’m feeling bad this morning [after drinking too much the night before].
  • I went on a real bender last night. My head’s killing me!
  • He got really smashed last night! He was well under the influence! These are ways of describing that you had a great time, drank too much and maybe don’t feel your best right now.

Staying in

  • I’m going to stay in and veg – I’m going to stay at home and do nothing [vegetate]
  • Jack’s such a couch potato – Jack loves to spend his life sitting on the sofa
  • I’m going to go back to mine and chill – I’m going home to seriously relax.
  • Let’s get a takeaway – food you order from a restaurant to eat at home, usually a curry or Chinese food

Source: Learning English | BB World Service


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