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Cách thể hiện số trong viết tiếng Anh – Một số nguyên tắc chung – Presenting numbers in English (General)

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Clip by Educatordotcom on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Bài bên dưới là các quy định chung về cách thể hiện số và chữ số trong European Commission. Sự khác nhau nếu có giữa các quy định của các nguồn khác nhau là không đáng kể. Có thể sử dụng cho viết formal English.

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  •  In deciding whether to write numbers in words or figures, the first consideration should be consistency within a passage. As a general rule, write low numbers (up to nine inclusive) in words and larger numbers (10 and above) in figures. If the passage contains both kinds, however, use either figures or words for all the numbers.
  • Note that you should always use figures for statistics (3 new officials were appointed in 2002, 6 in 2003 and …), for votes (12 delegations were in favour, 7 against, and 6 abstained), for ranges denoted by a dash, and for serial numbers unless you are quoting a source that does otherwise.
  • On the other hand, try not to start a sentence with a figure or a symbol followed by a figure. Either write out in full or, if this does not work, make use of devices such as inversion:

 Altogether 92 cases were found ,

Of the total, €55 million was spent on …

Number with symbols of measurement

  • Always use figures with units of measurement that are denoted by symbols or abbreviations:

EUR 50 OR fifty euros

250 kW or two hundred and fifty kilowatts 205 µg OR two hundred and five micrograms

5 °C OR five degrees Celsius

  • The converse does not hold. If the units of measurement are spelled out, the numbers do not also have to be spelled out but may be written with figures:

250 kilowatts

500 metres.

Numbers with hundred and thousand – million and billion

  • With hundred and thousand there is a choice of using figures or words:

300 or three hundred; BUT NOT  3 hundred

EUR 3 000 or three thousand euros; BUT NOT  EUR 3 thousand

  • Million and billion, however, may be combined with figures:

2.5 million; 3 million; 31 billion

Writing out numbers

  • As a rule, avoid combining single-digit figures and words using hyphens (a 2- hour journey) but write out instead:

a three-year period; a five-door car

But note set phrases such as:

40-hour week, 24-hour clock

  • When two numbers are adjacent, spell out one of them:

90 fifty-gram weights, seventy 25-cent stamps

  • Compound numbers that are to be written out (e.g. in treaty texts) take a hyphen:

the thirty-first day of December, nineteen hundred and eighty-one

  • Grouping of thousands. Do not use either commas or points but insert thin spaces (4 000 000). Note that serial numbers are not grouped in thousands. (Ghi chú: Đây là quy định trong cộng đồng châu Âu. Thông thường, trong viết tiếng Anh, dấu phẩy sẽ được sử dụng để phân nhóm 3 chữ số).
  • The use of billion to designate thousand million (rather than million million) is now officially recognised by the Commission and is standard usage in official EU publications. Leading British newspapers and journals (such as the Financial Times and The Economist) have also adopted the convention. (Về billion và trillion, xem thêm ở đây)
  • Abbreviating ‘million’ and ‘billion’. Do not use mio. The letters m and bn can be used for sums of money to avoid frequent repetitions of million, billion; this applies particularly in tables where space is limited. The abbreviation is preceded by a thin space (examples: €230 000 m, $370 000 bn, £490 bn).

Source: English Style Guide – A handbook for authors and translators in the European Commission by European Commission Directorate



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