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10 lời khuyên về đọc hiểu nói chung – English reading comprehension

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Clip by GOL on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

[No advice works, if it ever does, for all. So, sleep on it before picking any, inclusive]


In the modern age of information, reading truly is a fundamental survival skill. Here are ten tips that anyone can use to improve their reading skills:

1. You don’t have to be a great reader to get the point.

Some people read fast and remember everything. Others read slowly and take a couple of times to get all the information. It doesn’t matter, really, so long as when you read, you get the information you’re seeking.

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Cách luyện đọc hiểu tiếng Anh – Reading comprehension

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Clip by KaplanSATACT on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Improving your reading skills will reduce unnecessary reading time and enable you to read in a more focused and selective manner. You will also be able to increase your levels of understanding and concentration. This guide shows you how to read with greater efficiency and effectiveness by using a range of different reading skills.

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