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Có nên dùng phủ định kép không?

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Clip by How to Write More Better-er! on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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A double negative uses two negative words (in bold below) in the same clause to express a single negative idea:

We didn’t see nothing. [ = We saw nothing.]

She never danced with nobody. [ = She didn’t dance with anybody.]

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Tiếng Anh “cố tình dưới chuẩn” dùng trong lời bài hát

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Clip on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.


Are you annoyed by song lyrics that do not obey the rules of grammar? Do you correct them as you sing along? To mark the inclusion of English Grammar Today on Cambridge Dictionaries Online, we thought we’d count down some of the worst offences against the rules of grammar committed by songwriters, either deliberately, or without knowing.

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