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Nào thì ngâm cứu “Ranh” ngôn – Aphorism

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Clip by Arjun Arora on Youtube. Thanks for sharing. For fun. Like it or not.

Aphorism Definition

Aphorism is a statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise and witty manner. The term is often applied to philosophical, moral and literary principles.

To qualify as an aphorism, it is necessary for a statement to contain a truth revealed in a terse manner. Aphoristic statements are quoted in writings as well as in our daily speech. The fact that they contain a truth gives them a universal acceptance. Scores of philosophers, politicians, writers, artists and sportsman and other individuals are remembered for their famous aphoristic statements.

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Một số “cấu kiện” tiếng Anh thông dụng – the English we speak

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Clip on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Out of juice:

When you’ve used all the battery power of something like a mobile phone, so that it doesn’t work anymore, we can say it’s ‘out of juice’. It’s a slang expression.

Sometimes if a person feels low on energy, they could say ‘I’m out of juice’. Also if your car is low on petrol, you could say ‘The car’s running out of juice.’


  • My laptop’s out of juice. This is so frustrating.
  • I am packing three spare phone batteries so I don’t run out of juice on my climbing trip.

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