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Lưu ý đặc biệt về trọng âm từ trong phát âm tiếng Anh – English word stress special notes

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Clip by ElementalEnglish on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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Word stress: Shift in sentences

For some words, where stress is placed depends on their position in a sentence. When the word is spoken alone or at the end of a sentence, the stress occurs near the end. When the word occurs before another word in a sentence, the stress occurs earlier.

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 57 cách cải thiện kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh – 57 ways to improve your fluency

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Summary: Short and long term solutions for those who want to speak more quickly and smoothly. Also useful for teachers planning classroom fluency practice.

One of the top priorities of learners of English around the world is to improve their fluency, by which they usually mean how quickly and/ or “smoothly” they can speak the language, including avoiding pauses. Unfortunately, fluency is one of the most difficult things to improve, particularly without living in an English-speaking country and if you are trying to improve this skills outside class. This article gives over 50 tips that should help learners to speak more fluently, including many things people can do on their own outside the classroom. The advice is divided into things to do while speaking, (just) before speaking, and when trying to “study speaking” to improve your skills. These tips are mainly for language learners themselves, but the suggestions should also be useful for teachers who want to give students advice or bring more development of fluency into their classes.

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