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22 cách nói CÓ – 22 ways to say yes

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The word yes is great and all … but there’s plenty of other ways you can offer someone a verbal go-ahead. So if you feel like dipping your toes into the wild waters of alternative affirmations, then take a gander at the list below. If you’re feeling brave, deploy an aye aye in a business meeting or let loose a fo’ shizzle when someone asks if you’d like to go grab an ice cream. Let’s have a look at other ways to say yes!

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Đủ vốn để nói KHÔNG cả tháng – 29 ways to say NO

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Sometimes you need somebody to get the point, and a simple no won’t do it. We’ve taken a look through the Historical Thesaurus of the OED and other sources to find out how best to say no to something. Now you can say no daily for almost a whole month without repeating yourself.

1. no

Let’s start with the easy one. No dates to Old English, unsurprisingly; a corresponding o(meaning ‘ever; always’) is now obsolete.

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