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Tránh lỗi “lộn lèo” – Dangling modifier [2]

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Clip by Smrt English on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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Có nhiều định nghĩa và cách phân loại khác nhau về misplaced và dangling modifier. Chỉ cần hiểu đâu là modifier, nó bổ nghĩa cho yếu tố nào trong câu, và đặt nó đúng chỗ là ổn.

Dangling modifier: 

When we begin a sentence with a modifying word, phrase, or clause, we must make sure the next thing that comes along can, in fact, be modified by that modifier. When a modifier improperly modifies something, it is called a “dangling modifier.” This often happens with beginning participial phrases, making “dangling participles” an all too common phenomenon. In the sentence below, we can’t have a car changing its own oil.

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