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Cân nhắc khi nói về người khuyết tật trong tiếng Anh – Appropriate language for talking about disability

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Clip by Emma on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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Bài viết bên dưới cũng đáng xem để cập nhật cách dùng tiếng Anh. Nhưng không hẳn người khuyết tật nào cũng đồng ý (!)

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Times have changed for people with disabilities… but language lags behind.

Life for most people with mental or physical disabilities is vastly improved over what it was twenty or thirty years ago. The Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws assure that people with disabilities have the same basic rights as people without disabilities. Some things have been slower to change; namely, attitudes and perceptions about people with disabilities. Ignorance and discrimination can be serious impediments to achieving integration, productivity, and independence for people with disabilities.

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