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Lưu ý đặc biệt về trọng âm từ trong phát âm tiếng Anh – English word stress special notes

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Clip by ElementalEnglish on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

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Word stress: Shift in sentences

For some words, where stress is placed depends on their position in a sentence. When the word is spoken alone or at the end of a sentence, the stress occurs near the end. When the word occurs before another word in a sentence, the stress occurs earlier.

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  • Over half the students were Japanese.
  • Many people prefer Japanese cars.
  • In some culture, people sleep in the afternoon.
  • An afternoon meeting may be less productive than a morning one.

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Word stress: Same spelling – Different stress pattern

Below is a list of words with the same spelling but different stress patterns.

CONduct conDUCT
ATTribute attrIBute
COMbat comBAT
CONflict conFLICT
CONtest conTEST
CONtract conTRACT
DEcrease deCREASE
EScort esCORT
IMpact imPACT
INcrease inCREASE
INsult inSULT
OBject obJECT
PERmit perMIT
PREsent preSENT
PROceed proCEED
PROgress proGRESS
PROject proJECT
REbel reBEL
REfill reFILL
REfund reFUND
REject reJECT
REpeat rePEAT
SUBject subJECT
SUSpect susPECT


1. There was a large increase in our Q3 sales numbers.
2. Our market share increased over the last year.
3. The speaker projected his voice in order to be heard.
4. This is one of the most difficult projects I have ever worked on.
5. Stanley attributed his success to his positive attributes.
6. I was insulted by the low offer they made me.
7. The package they offered me was an insult.
8. Because we did not have the necessary permits,  we had to postpone the grand opening.
9. Smoking is not permitted in the building.
10. The annual conference conflicts with my vacation plans.
11. The customer service representative handled the conflict with the customer.
12. The proceeds from the auction will go to charity.
13. If there are no further questions, I’d like to proceed with the next part of my presentation.
14. She asked for a refund because the product was defective.
15. Should we refund their money?
16. This situation is a repeat of what happened last year.
17. I’m sorry, could you repeat that please?
18. They said that they are prepared to sign the contract.
19. The economy contracted last year.
20. I have to leave early today to buy Christmas presents for the kids.
21. Who is going to present next?

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