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Một số cách nói về ăn uống – Food and cooking

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Clip on Youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Food and cooking

  • Nosh / grub – These are informal words for food.
  • Lets go out for a slap up dinner. / Let’s pig out and stuff our faces! – Let’s go out and have a lot to eat!
  • The food was fusion. – There was a mix of two types of food, e.g. Thai and western European.
  • I really fancy an Indian! – You’re not in love with someone from India – you just want to go for a curry [spicy Indian food]!
  • Fancy a ruby? – Here, ‘ruby’ is rhyming slang for ‘curry’. [Ruby Murray was one of the most popular singers in the UK in the 1950s.]
  • I’m starving. I could eat a horse! – you are extremely hungry!
  • I’m just a bit peckish. – You are not particularly hungry but feel like having something to eat.

See more below:

Eating out

  • greasy spoon – A café that sells cheap, filling food.
  • A good fry up / a full English breakfast – Bacon eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and anything else people can cram on their plates.
  • Pub grub – food you find in your local public house [the pub].
  • A startera main courseand pudding / dessert. – A three course meal is served in this order.
  • Service not included – If you see this on your bill at the end of the meal you’ll need to add on the tip.

After the meal

  • That hit the spot!
  • I’m absolutely stuffed!
  • I’m full!
  • couldn’t eat another thing if I tried!
  • I think I’ve eaten too much!

These are all informal expressions meaning you’ve eaten well and can’t eat any more.

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