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35 lỗi lính kỳ cựu cũng mắc trong sử dụng tiếng Anh

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List of common mistakes by advanced learners:

See below:

Don’t say/write


1 I’ll ask you in case I need help. I’ll ask you if I need help.
2 I object to tell them my age. I object to telling them my age.
3 I like the 60s music. I like 60s music. / the music of the 60s.
4 ten thousand, a hundred and six ten thousand, one hundred . . .
5 ‘Who’s that?’ ~ ‘He’s John.’    … ‘It’s John.’
6 I don’t like to be shouted. I don’t like to be shouted at.
7 It’s ages since she’s arrived. It’s ages since she arrived.
8 The police is looking for him. The police are looking. . .
9 Prices are surely rising fast. Prices are certainly rising fast.
10 I have big respect for her ideas.    … great respect. . .
11 I don’t like nowadays fashions. today’s/modern fashions.
12 She passed her exam, what surprised everybody.    … which surprised everybody.
13 I’ve good knowledge of German.    … a good knowledge of German.
14 Finally! Where have you been? At last! . . .
15 I’ll be home since 3 0′ clock.    … from 3 0′ clock.
16 We waited one and a half hour.    … one and a half hours.
17 It’s time they go home. It’s time they went home.
18 I’ll see you a few days later.    … in a few days.
19 All along the centuries, there have been wars. All through the centuries . . .
20 I want a completely other colour.    … a completely different colour.
21 Let’s go and have coffee to Marcel’s.    … at Marcel’s.
22 That’s mine – I saw it at first!    … I saw it first!
23 Switzerland is among Germany, France, Austria and Italy.    … between Germany, France, Austria and Italy.


24 According to me, it’s a bad film. In my opinion / I think. .
25 It was a too good party to miss.    … too good a party . . .
26 Whole Paris was celebrating. The whole of Paris . . .
27 I nearly wish I’d stayed at home. I almost wish . . .
28 One speaks Italian in my town. We/They speak. . .
29 The girl wants an own room.    … her own room.
30 Couldn’t you help me, please? Could you … ? / You couldn’t … , could you?
31 I’ll try to know when it starts. I’ll try to find out when it starts.
32 I love this so beautiful country.    … this country – it’s so beautiful.
33 It’s getting winter. It’s getting to be winter.
34 Our flat is decorated this week.    … is being decorated. . .
35 The Mont Blanc is 4808m high. Mont Blanc is . . .

Source: Practical English Usage, Michael Swan



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