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35 lỗi lính hạng trung thường mắc trong sử dụng tiếng Anh

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List of common mistakes by intermediate learners:

See below:

Don’t say/write


1 I promise I pay you tomorrow. I promise I’ll pay you tomorrow.
2 This is the first time I’m here.    … the first time I’ve been here.
3 I’ve been here since three days.    … for three days.
4 If I’ll have time, I’ll go home. If I have time, …
5 If I knew the price, I will tell you.    … I would tell you.
6 He said me that he was Chinese. He told me that he was Chinese.
7 She told me she has a headache. She told me she had a headache.
8 There’s the man that I work for him. There’s the man that I work for.
9 I’ve told you all what I know.    … all (that) I know.
10 Although it was late, but she went out. Although it was late, she went out.
11 You have better to see the doctor. You had better see the doctor.
12 I use to play tennis at weekends. I play tennis at weekends.
13 It can rain this evening. It may/might/could rain …
14 My parents wanted that I study. My parents wanted me to study.
15 You must stop to smoke.    … stop smoking.
16 I look forward to see you. I look forward to seeing you.
17 I’m boring in the lessons. I’m bored in the lessons.
18 He has much money. He has a lot of / plenty of money.
19 Most of people agree with me. Most people …
20 I looked at me in the mirror. I looked at myself …
21 We waited during six hours.    … for six hours.
22 I like eating chocolate milk.    … milk chocolate.
23 Come here and look at that paper. Come here and look at this paper.
24 We go there every Saturdays.    … every Saturday.
25 Which is the biggest city of the world?    … the biggest city in the world?
26 I’m thinking to change my job. I’m thinking of changing my job.
27 Can you give me an information? … some information?
28 He’s married with a doctor. He’s married to a doctor.
29 Can you mend this until Tuesday? … by Tuesday?
30 There’s a hotel in front of our house.    … opposite our house.
31 I like warm countries, as Spain.    …warm countries, like Spain.
32 Please explain me what you want.    … explain to me …
33 When you come, take your bike.    … bring your bike.
34 My brother has got a new work.    … a new job.
35 He’s Dutch, or better Belgian. He’s Dutch, or rather Belgian.

Source: Practical English Usage, Micheal Swan


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