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25 lỗi lính rất kỳ cựu cũng có thể mắc trong sử dụng tiếng Anh

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List of common mistakes by very advanced learners.

See below:

Don’t say/write


1 No doubt the world is getting warmer. There is no doubt that the world is getting warmer.
2 I can’t think of anybody whom to invite. I can’t think of anybody to invite.
3 My father, whom we hope will be out of hospital soon, … My father, who we hope. . .
4 Would you follow me wherever I would go?    … wherever I went?
5 We all have to live in the society.    … in society.
6 The number of the unemployed is going up. The number of unemployed. . .
7 She was showing tiredness signs.    … signs of tiredness.
8 She works the hardest when she’s working for her family. She works hardest. . .
9 I’m thankful for your help. I’m grateful. . .
10 We talked about if it was ready.    … about whether it was ready.
11 What live in those little holes? What lives . . .
12 Some people are interested, but the majority doesn’t care.    … the majority don’t care.
13 It mustn’t be the postman at the door. It’s only 7 0′ clock. It can’t be the postman. . .
14 A third of the students is from abroad.    … are from abroad.
15 Except Angie, everybody was there. Except for Angie . . .
16 I wish you felt / would feel better tomorrow. I hope you feel . . .
17 The train may be late, as it happened yesterday.    … as happened yesterday.
18 When I wrote my letters, I did some gardening. When I had written . . .
19 When I had opened the door, the children ran in. When I opened. . .
20 Stefan can never return back to his country.    … return to his country. / … go back to his country.
21 Will you go and see me when I’m in hospital?    … come and see me . . .
22 May you go camping this summer? Do you think you’ll go . . .
23 My cousin works for the NATO.    … for NATO.
24 My wife will be angry unless I’m home by 7.00.    … if I’m not home. . .
25 We were poured water on. We had water poured on us. / Water was poured on us.

Source: Practical English Usage, Michael Swan


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